When I change one team member's availability, it changes all team members availability to the same

I’m a coach and I’m actually all 3 “team members.” I wanted to create a way where I could set 3 different price points connected to more desirable and less desirable time slots.

When I change the availability of one team member - for example my appointments only offered on Sat at $X, it wipes out my other team member availability schedules and marks them as only Saturday $X as well.

Any button I am not using? Or needing to turn off so that the team members availability does not copy each other?


@sarahebeckman There are two ways to do this:

  1. If you want to continue using Teams, then you will need to use custom availability. Here are the steps:
  • Set up additional calendars for each ‘team member’. Here’s how to do it for Google and Microsoft. Let’s call it AM, PM and Saturdays.
  • Link each team member to their calendar.
  • Use custom availability. In Step 3 ‘Create events in your connected calendar’, you will be using the same event title (say ‘Sessions’) but for calendar ‘AM’, you only create a block in the morning, ‘PM’ in the afternoon and ‘Saturdays’ a block on Saturday.
  1. Another way to do this is to set up separate booking pages per appointment type (this will be ideal if you’re taking payments using our Stripe integration)

Here’s more on that.

I hope this helps!

Hi Aithne,

Thank you for the steps. I changed my “AM”, “PM”, and “Saturday” “Team members” to custom. But I couldn’t make it work because I was trying to avoid creating and attaching additional google calendars because it seemed to me that there is an additional charge of $10 a month for each additional linked calendar.

Is there no other way to set multiple price points for me as a coach without additional charges and fees besides what I am already paying youcanbook.me for the service?

Thanks for any additional advice.


@sarahebeckman You could setup different booking pages for the different hours and set the prices (more information here. Each page can check a specific time on your calendar with Custom Availability and have a different price point. You could then have all of these links on your website potentially. Not an ideal solution, but it would get you close without increasing your subscription.