Is this the correct way to use it?


Translation: I want to manage the free time of 9 people in Team B in cooperation with Google Calendar.
One of the 90 members of Team A sets up a meeting with one member of Team B.
One of the nine members of Team B participated. Meeting time is 1 to 2 hours.
The meeting method is online / offline. Can it be automatically reflected in Google Calendar when the reservation is completed?
What is the cost if you want to do these

This setup is possible with our Teams feature. It will allow you to connect all nine calendars to one booking page to allow Team A to book their meetings. You first will need to invite your team to integrate their calendar. Then you can connect all nine calendars together. Finally you can setup a choice for the booker to select if they want to meet online or offline. The cost would be $10 per calendar, so for nine calendars connected, $90/month. We have discounts for annual and two year terms (10% and 20% respectfully).

Steps to invite: Invite team members as contributors - Support
Setup booking page: Set up a booking page for your team - Support