Setting up and Using the Team feature


I’m not clear on how to set my company team up using this feature. I have an account and am using it for me. It has my name not my company name, so the first question is:

  • Can I have an alias for people that already have the booking link for me so that they can be directed to the company page for booking from our team?

  • My first team member has an account on in her name what do we do with that?


You can create additional booking profiles for other needs. More info on that here.Setting up separate booking profiles. There isn’t a way to redirect to a different link, but you could have a new link for your team booking profile.

If your team member already has an account you could bring it over to your account as a sub account if you would like. To do this go to this link:

This will consolidate your billing and bring her account under your billing. Beyond that you could have her share her calendar with you so then you can connect it to the team profile. Step by step here: Sharing a Calendar & Getting Permissions

Once your team have shared calendars with you, then you can turn on the teams feature under Calendars & teams, and start creating the team members there.