Make customers follow bookings


So, we are using the YCBM system with great sucess. I think, however we use it a bit differently than others.

Our customers are companies themselves who book for their own clients. Let’s say we have 10 companies who use our YCBM system for booking meetings with us. Can these 10 companies individually have any way of “tracking” or follow the bookings made?

They have asked us if it is possible for them to get an overview of which bookings they made. But each Company should not be able to see the other companies bookings.

Is that even possible today or is there a way to work around this somehow?

Sub-client account, or tracking-account connected to the booking site etc?


@MarineMartin great question. We are working on a booker app that will allow your bookers to login to manage all of their bookings. This will be sometime before that happens.

A potential solution in the interim, if you have each of these companies setup with their own booking pages you could setup a Zap with Zapier to pass this data into a spreadsheet that they could view and manage. This would be in fairly real time too. More information here

Another option would be to invite them to join your account as a Contributor, then move them to be an Editor. When you do that you can assign them a booking page and any booking associated with that page would be shown inside of their YCBM account. Account roles explained here

Dear Ben,

Thank you for reply. Unfortunately this is a big corporation that needs to use the same bookinglink. So I guess I have to wait for a specific feat in the future.

@MarineMartin Inviting a representative from the company to manage their booking pages would allow them to see all the bookings. This is done with team management: Using Team Management - Support