Additional User Type


It would be useful to our team to have an additional user type that allowed certain agents access to only the assigned booking pages but allowed them to see bookings from the entire company. For some reason, our customers rarely use the available reschedule link and call our team to reschedule instead. It would allow our team to quickly reschedule while on the phone instead of needing to give them access to each team member’s calendar. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Hi team! Are there any questions or need for clarification on this request?

Hi @pd1433! Welcome to the YCBM forum!

Right now we are not looking into feature requests around these types of team access granularity. There are some ways you can make your reschedule process a bit easier if customers don’t use the reschedule link:

  • If you don’t mind having the team members that take calls to be administrators, you can change their role and they will have access to all bookings in your account
  • We often see that bookers that rely on their calendars don’t open emails related to the booking after they’ve read them - so the reschedule link gets “lost”. Have you tried adding the reschedule and cancel links to your calendar event description?
    Booking Page Settings > Notifications > Calendar Events
  • On top of that you can also add the reschedule + cancel shorthand codes to reminder emails (if your reschedule and cancel limits allow to still reschedule or cancel in the time your reminder email goes out) - the same goes for SMS!
  • Some teams use generic team emails to send additional emails to when a new booking has been made on one of their pages. These contain the booking details + reschedule & cancellation links. That way they don’t need access to the bookings inside the YCBM account and search for the customer name/ booking REF number in the inbox and reschedule the meeting with the link provided there
  • Alternatively you can use Zapier or webhooks to send booking data, including the reschedule link, to another system that everyone - who is talking calls - can access and reschedule for the customer.

I can understand that some of these workarounds might be a bit much, but I like to give you all the options :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the forum, or reach out to support! You can access our support team by email directly from the Help section in your account.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hi @Kelly! Thank you for the response!

We’d prefer not to give admin permission to all users, so we’ll utilize one of the workarounds you mentioned above. It would be great if our customers would just use the provided links :roll_eyes:

Appreciate the assistance, and have a great day!

Hi @pd1433! Totally understandable, the admin role is quite powerful as they will have full access to almost everything. I hope there is something that will help you though :slight_smile:
Do you feel your customers would use the links if they perhaps looked different? Just curious to know why they don’t feel like using it!