Reschedule prompt

I just noticed that when a client clicks a YCBM reschedule link and are redirected to pick a new day and time, there isn’t anywhere on that page that lets them know what’s happening.

It’s only once they pick a new day and time that YCBM shows the old booking versus the new booking.

Is there a way to add a prompt that tells them to pick a new date and time so that it’s user friendly and drop-dead simple? Something along the lines of “pick a new day/time for your current day/time booking”.

Great suggestion @LeroySchulz having a bit of information in the instructions or above the booking grid to explain that they are now rescheduling would be very intuitive. I was attempting to sort out something with Conditional Statements, but there wasn’t a way I could target that it was for a reschedule and not a regular booking. I will let the product team about your request to add this as a feature.

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I think the lack of description might explain why my clients don’t use the reschedule link until I explain it to them. I suspect some of them do click the link but because YCBM doesn’t currently make it clear that they are picking a new day and time, they don’t want to cause issues and end up messaging me instead.

Making it clear that they are picking a new day and time will address that.

Thank you.

I was attempting to sort out something with Conditional Statements

Are Conditional Statements new? I don’t remember seeing that before. That looks very useful.

It sounds like they are only for notifications, correct? Is there a plan to enable conditional logic for booking forms as well? That’s something I’ve been hoping for for a while now.

No they are not new. They will only allow you to adjust the confirmation page or notifications based off of the booking. These wouldn’t allow for a different form option which is what you are looking for.

Okay, thanks for clarifying.