Custom Thank you page / message for New booking, Reschedule

Hello there,

We want to configure the “Thank You” Page message in a specific format based on if it’s New booking or Rescheduled. Currently, there is a single Thank you page in YCBM that we can configure but it’s static in the sense that message is not dynamic.

For Cancel booking, we have a separate page that we can configure with a custom message, and we would love to have the ability to do the same for rescheduling thank you screen.

Can I use {IF}{RESCHEDULED-AT}{EQUALS}{THEN}New booking message{ELSE}Reschedule message{ENDIF}?

We are planning to create a custom webpage and will use that to redirect after booking but the issue is how to identify if it’s a new booking vs rescheduled one?
Is there an identifier we can use in conditional statement logic for a webpage and populate a message based on that?

eg. {ISRESCHEDULED}=TRUE, so after rescheduling of a booking our java script will fetch {ISRESCHEDULED} tag value and if it’s true, Page will show Reschedule message else New booking Message.

Thank you.

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@Benson thank you for submitting this. We have heard a handful of request like this to either have the option to adjust the language for a reschedule, or have an alternate redirect for a reschedule. I will be sure to let the product team know about this.

I agree this would be super helpful.

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Agreed. Please implement this.

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thanks for the awesome information.