Reschedule with Specified Member, Max Advance, Redirect to Unique URL

Here are 3 challenges with rescheduling appointments.

  1. Max Advance Booking for Reschedules - You cannot specify a longer Max Advance Booking window for Reschedules since many Bookers need to be Rescheduled Outside of your Max Advance Booking window for New Appointments.
  • Request:

  • Workaround - Under Investigation

    • Create a Separate Booking Profile for Reschedules. Have Different webhooks that Cancel the Original Appointment using API or Automation.

      • Pro’s - You get a longer Max Advance Booking Window, and Unique Redirect URL.

      • Con’s - You lose the ability to “Edit cancellation and reschedule limits”, and you can’t prevent reschedules from happening After the appointment End Time.

Allow Reschedule with Specified Team Member - You cannot explicitly specify a team member to get the rescheduled appointment. Although, If a time that the Original Owner is available is specified, then they get the appointment. We need to be able to explicitly specify a rescheduled team member, not implicitly specify.

Redirect to Unique URL for Rescheduled Appts - We cannot specify a unique redirect URL for Rescheduled Appointments, which necessitates creating a Dynamic Form that Displays One Form Variant for Bookers and Another Variant for Owners or Blank.

  • Request:
    • Please allow us to specify a Unique Redirect URL for Rescheduled Appointments. Please allow the {RESCHEDULED-BY} parameter to Passthrough into the Redirect Link. Currently it doesn’t work. Here is an example url I ran when testing:


You’ll notice from the above that the Rescheduled By and Rescheduled At fields don’t Passthrough into the Redirect URL.

  • Workaround - None
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@bunkbed these are all great suggestions here, Steve. This would allow for more functionality for reschedules for sure. The reschedule URL is something we have discussed. The override to booking notice is an interesting concept as well. Perhaps having reschedule windows that are different for first time bookers versus those looking to reschedule.

Your point about the team reschedule, there is a setting now to force the reschedule with the same team member. (Reschedule and Cancel Limits

Are you looking for something similar to this, or something different?

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Ben, thanks for the pointer on the “Force reschedules with original team member”, I’ll bring that to our team to see if it is a solution we want to implement.

I think another great feature, would be to allow the team member to be specified in the URL for the Reschedule Link. I’m running into cases where our Bookers / Office / Admin staff want to be able to reschedule with No Team Member Preference, whereas our Team Members attending the bookings have Strong Preference to reschedule with themselves.

Thank you for considering the override to the “Max advance booking” for rescheduled appointments. It would be extremely useful, considering the fact that most people needing to reschedule need to meet outside of the current “Max advance booking” window.

A side note, I know that we technically could expand our “Max advance booking” window, but we also strategically modify our “Max advance booking” to increase our appointment “density”. Meaning that if I increased the “original” Max advance booking too much, we help Bookers needing reschedule, but that would also comes with the downside of many more empty Time Slots between bookings.