Please allow Team member to reschedule booking with choice of team member

We are trying youcanbookme demo to see if we can leverage this great app for our business use however we have a scenario where our lead could be own by one of the team members (TM1) and prospective student’s booking is with a team member (TM2).

Now if we have the ability for TM2 to reschedule the meeting with TM1 as TM1 is the actual lead owner, it would make much more sense.

At the moment If students have selected Team members during booking first screen then it always reschedules with the same Team member, and if no preference is selected then it goes to a random pool of all Team members. This is a poor design (or lack of feature in better words) if anyone using Youcanbookme for a large Team.

I wish Youcanbookme would allow Team members to select another team member during the process.

Thank you.

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@Benson great suggestion. Essentially you are looking for a way to always have the booker choose who they want to meet with, or have a way for admin override so the calendar owner can transfer ownership of a booking. There is a way to transfer bookings within Google calendar (if you use that). I will float this idea over to the product team as the idea to have more options as the calendar owner or team member in this case is interesting.