Deleting a user from booking page Impacts

[ This is a bit of urgent request for us, if you can help it’ll be great. Thanks! ]
Hi Team,

Incase we delete a person from the team’s booking page. Would that have any impacts to the events scheduled with that person?
Is there a way we can transfer all of those to a different person?


@thanya.reddy if you remove the team member from the page all of the bookings will stay on the booker’s calendar. Within Google Calendar you can transfer the event to a different owner, once the new owner accepts it if that Team Member is on the same page the booking will be updated with the new Team Members information.

We do not yet have a way to do bulk transfers of bookings, but that is something we are looking at with other improvements to the bookings dashboard.

Thanks Ben,
What happens to the YCBM Meetings when we are suspending a google account ? Before suspending if we transfer the meetings to another owner through a setting on google. Would this move even the YCBM meetings to the new owner?

@thanya.reddy yes, if you can move all of the bookings from the first Team Member to the new Team Member they should all remain intact and be then associated with the new Team Member within the bookings dashboard.

Ben, we suspended a Google account and transferred the meetings using one of the options during the suspension. However, we can’t view any meetings scheduled through YCBM on the transferred Google Calendar.
When attempting to cancel the meeting on YCBM, it shows as already canceled, but no email is being sent.

Also, If I have the developer / admin access for YCBM, can I make the transfer of bookings on YCBM to a different account? Is there a document I can refer to?