Change Account Owner

  • I’m a tech support person, working with a teacher who will run two booking pages.

  • I created the YCBM paid account and tested it and learned about it and taught him. Now I want him to be able to administer it, manage the calendar, add and remove people.

  • Because I no longer want my calendar attached, I tried to set him up as Admin, but then he didn’t have Team Management feature under the dropdown menu.

  • Next, I tried to change the account email and the account owner, but it reverted to me and now he is kicked out.

How do I move this whole paid account over to him? I put in a ticket already with support.

Help??? Thanks.

I removed all traces of the other account from the YCBM account, then changed the name/email to him, and then he was the owner.

@vrichter I am glad you were able to get things sorted. We have it on our radar to setup a transfer of ownership option. Also in an upcoming update administrators will be able to invite new team members and manage team members