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So this is my first post here. We are using the YCBM experience lets say and we are very happy about all its features.

Something we noticed about the new “Resend Notification” (thank you btw for including this feature) is that:

IF you change the owner of a booking to a new team member. The feature to resend notification to the team member is not changed. It will resend the notification to the original team member who was booked, not the new one.

Is this a bug or something else we missed on our side?


@MarineMartin welcome to the Forum! I have a question with this, how are you changing the owner of the booking? Are you seeing the owner change within the bookings dashboard? I tested this out and see that the information on the booking is not being updated to the new team member. I will talk with the development team about this.

@Ben We are using Google accounts calendars and do not change ownership but only edit the event and change the calendar in there.

I had to relogin for the booking system to update the Team member field on that booking. But even if the Team member changed after re login, when re sending notification it still sends to the original Team member.

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@MarineMartin I had a catchup with the team and the first iteration of resend will only take the original and resend it, the information in the email will not update. We are working out a way to have this resend update with dynamic changes to the booking. This will be something we will add in the future.

Thank you for the swift reply.

The problem is that if the system uses the old information and goes back to re-sending notifications to the ‘original’ only, the feature itself is kind of pointless, isnt it? I guess the main reason you would like to send a new notification would be that you

A) entered the wrong e-mail or info in form and need to resend
B) made any intentional changes to e-mails entered in the form and then needs to resend

C) want to resend because receiver did not receive any notification?

Would it not just be an easy fix to use the “updated” information on the booking to resend notifications and not the past? I actually just thought this was a bug.


You are right that the intended feature is to resend if there was a wrong email, or if the booker never received things.

But the team had a question if this is more about your team’s workflow? I want to change the team member who owns the booking, and for them to get notifications related to it.

It could perhaps be an update to the workflow. Transfer the booking to someone else in YCBM, then YCBM says “Great, we’ve updated the booking to be with Ben. Do you want to send Ben relevant booking notifications?”
Then the timeline could show the booking was transferred, and that we sent new notifications to Ben (confirmation etc), and you could resend those notifications to Ben if need be.

Is that closer inline with what you are needing/looking for @MarineMartin

Well sort of. If the official Team member for the booking is changed (as in my case) and I have a notification mail sent to the “booked Team member” using the {TEAM EMAIL}. Then wouldn’t the proper way be that the system sends the new notification to that new team member?

I don’t know the detailed technicalities behind the association and connection to the tag {TEAM EMAIL} when setting up a confirmation or notification mail but my guess is that it should point to whomever is shown as the current owner of that booker? And not just the original Team Member who was designated the booking in the first place?

@MarineMartin that is the plan for the future. This is the first phase of the feature and we will continue to improve it. We also will have a way that each team member is notified when a reschedule happens between them.

@Ben Thank you. Is there any work-around at the moment to have the notification sent to the new team-member? Or do I have to manually forward the original e-mail notification (sent to the previous team-member) to the new one using the personal e-mail client?

When you are changing the calendar inside of Google, do you get an option to send an update? That could be one option for a workaround. Otherwise as you mention it would be to manually send that to the team member impacted.

No, we are using Google calendars within the same Google account so the new owner of the event does not get any e-mail notifications from Google.

If we’d use separate google accounts setting up these team-events Google would automatically send confirmation of “new ownership” to the other google account and e-mail associated with it. But as stated, since we use multiple calendars within the same Google account, there are no e-mail associated with each calendar.

I hope this makes sense. But we will go for the manual workaround for now.


Ahh I understand completely. You could attach an attendee to this event so then the team member would be notified. But as you mentioned if that isn’t possible, then sending the manual email is the way to go for now. I will let the product team know about this though. There may be something we could do to make it easier to to transfer bookings in the app and the notify team members. When working directly in Google, things get tricky as there is no trigger to then kick off an action on our end. We just scrape new information, but then the next steps aren’t defined.

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Ahh, so when you “scrape new information” from Google, it still lists the original Team member name in the event even if the Google owner of that event is now different. Tricky :slight_smile:

However, in the booking system we can, after a few minutes, see that team-member has been updated to the new one. So it does read that change somehow?

Well we will scrape and grab the new calendar and update things, but there is nothing built out to then trigger an email to send out. It could potentially follow the same logic as the reschedule email.

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