Notifications->After a booking is made

Hi! I have the free version of YCBM.
I was receiving email notifcations when someone booked an appointment with me, and now I am not.
I checked all settings and cannot figure it out. Do I now need to pay for the service in order to receive notifications? I do see the appointment pop up on my google calendar, but the email notifications were very helpful!

I am not the most tech savvy person by the way.

food coach

hi Maria - it could be that you accidentally unsubscribed from our notifications. Whats your booking page URL? We can look up your account and if that’s the case, resubscribe you.

Thank you!

It looks like emails are being delivered. If you search for the subject “Booked:” you may find them. They could be in spam or a different folder.

Hi! I’m all the sudden not receiving notifications either. I searched my inbox and even whitelisted (I think, I’m not super duper tech savy) Hmmm . . . . What might be going on? I don’t want to miss appointments. They do show up on my calendar.

hi colleen - looks like you unsubscribed from our emails. I’ve just resubscribed you.