Unable to get emails for new bookings


I have a free account for YCBM. I used to get emails whenever anyone used to make a booking. However, I am no longer getting these emails in my inbox or spam folder. I don’t remember unsubscribing either.

The person who books a calendar slot gets the email, and I can see it on my calendar too. But I am no longer getting an email about the new booking. Can you help please?

@ankit I am sorry on the delay with getting back to you. It looks like your email was unsubscribed from our notifications. I have re-subscribed it. You should now be seeing confirmations come through.

Hi Ben,

I tried a booking today, and while the email id used to make the booking is getting the confirmation email, I am still not. I checked my promotions and Spam as well, and it is not going to those either. I can however still see the meeting on my calendar though. Let me know please?

This is the response from our email service: 'You tried to send to a recipient that has been marked as inactive. Inactive recipients are ones that have generated a hard bounce, a spam complaint, or a manual suppression. '. I will talk to them about getting reactivated.

Thank you Ben. I’m getting the mail now. This issue won’t happen again right? I will also ensure that I don’t mark any such emails as spam.

Hi @ankit if we aren’t able to send a message successfully to you, you may get un-subscribed again. Our team can always reactivate it. I have heard back from our email service and you should be good to go for now.