Not getting booking notification

I have a free account for YCBM. Up until 1 week ago, I received notification emails whenever a person make a booking. However, I am no longer getting these emails in my inbox or spam folder.

The person who books a calendar slot gets the email, and I can see it on my calendar too. But I am no longer getting an email about the new booking. Can you help please?

Thank you.

@bakersh welcome to the Forum! I am sorry your notifications were not being delivered. I checked in our email system and it looks like earlier this month an email bounced. When this happens you get unsubscribed. I have cleared the bounce and re-subscribed you. Moving forward you should be getting notifications from us. Let me know if that is not the case.

Hello Ben,

I have the same issue. Can you check with mine too?


@Harm got you sorted in another thread. The issue here was a hard bounce we had to clear.