Not getting booking notification

I have a free account for YCBM. Up until 1 week ago, I received notification emails whenever a person make a booking. However, I am no longer getting these emails in my inbox or spam folder.

The person who books a calendar slot gets the email, and I can see it on my calendar too. But I am no longer getting an email about the new booking. Can you help please?

Thank you.

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@bakersh welcome to the Forum! I am sorry your notifications were not being delivered. I checked in our email system and it looks like earlier this month an email bounced. When this happens you get unsubscribed. I have cleared the bounce and re-subscribed you. Moving forward you should be getting notifications from us. Let me know if that is not the case.

Hello Ben,

I have the same issue. Can you check with mine too?


@Harm got you sorted in another thread. The issue here was a hard bounce we had to clear.

Hi Ben,

I’m having the same issue. Could you have a look at mine as well?


@Serena welcome to the Forum! It looks like your email may have been unsubscribed. I re-subscribed you here ( and you should now be getting email notifications

Hi Ben,

I’m having the same issue. A supervisor at YCBM said you are getting a bounce back with error code 406 and that I’m marked as inactive. Can you please look at my email account? Removed by admin

Thank you

@dkindley It looks like there was a hard bounce back in December. I’ve cleared that out for you. Please test again and let me know if you are not getting notifications.


Thank you so much! That worked!!! I appreciate your help.

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Hi Ben! I have another colleague at my company who is having the same issue and stopped receiving email notifications a month ago. Can you assist her with this? I’m working on the admin side of things and tried assisting her and checked notifications. Everything looks fine. Please let me know how to proceed.

@jessica.newman I am seeing the emails being delivered. Can you search your inbox for emails from ?

Hi Ben - this is for my colleague, Lynn Pearson. I’m reaching out on behalf of her. Would she need to set up an account? Thanks!

Sorry I missed that. I sent you a DM and we got things sorted. It was a hard bounce in this case which we needed to clear and reactivate.

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Hi @Ben our office has a free account for YCBM. Up until 2-3 weeks ago, we received notification emails whenever a person made a booking. However, we are no longer getting these emails in our inbox or spam folder. [Removed by admin]

The person who books a calendar slot gets the email, and we can see it on our calendar too. But we have stopped receiving an email about the new booking. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

@MSUPassports welcome to the Forum. It looks like this email was unsubscribed from getting our notifications. I has now been re-subscribed. You should start to see notifications appear again.

Okay thank you @Ben for fixing this for us. Did it get unsubscribed by something we did on our end? we would like to prevent this happening in the future.

Often this happens if someone clicks the unsubscribe link in an email notification. Another instance could be if the email hard bounces (which wasn’t the case here).

Hi! I have stopped receiving email notifications when appointments book. I have checked the setting and it still has for me to receive an immediate email notification.

@Tamara your email was unsubscribed. I re-added it so can you attempt a booking and see if you get a confirmation?

Good morning Ben! Thank you for the reply I have done a test booking however I have not received the confirmation email. I checked the spam and trash folders and the confirmation has not gone into either of those folders.