Not receiving booking confirmation emails

I suddenly stopped receiving confirmation emails when individuals book appointments. I do not believe that the address is blocked. Any help, suggestions, or verification you can offer would be helpful!

@cmyles welcome to the Forum! I am sorry you hit a snag with your notifications. When I check in our email system I am seeing that emails are arriving and you are subscribed. You can try searching for “YouCanBookMe” If you still can’t find anything you may want to talk with your IT team. The emails could be quarantined or stopped at the mail server.

Thanks for the reply. I searched before I reached out to you, so I’ll check with IT. Thank you!

I am experiencing the exact issue. My last notification came over Tues 11/29. The bookings are showing on my calendar, but not receiving a notification email. I have checked my quarantined emails, cleared cookies and double-checked the email on my settings. Please advise.

@Szerfas this could be the same situation. I am showing that the emails are being delivered successfully. You may need to check with your IT team as well to see if things are being quarantined or blocked on your mail server.

I’m having the same issue. Its putting it on my calendar and showing up in my sent folder as an event, but I’m not getting notified. I’ve done some research and it seems to be an issue with being unsubscribed possibly?

Same exact date for me as well…

@Mina I am sorry you hit some trouble. I checked in the system and everything looks good for your email and I am seeing emails successfully delivered and opened.

Since 11/29? I’m opening the invites, but I’m not getting the confirmation emails anymore and my IT says there’s no block :frowning: So unfortunate. This is a big road block for me, I was going to sign up for the paid service, as I thought that may be the issue, but if its not I’ll have to use a new service. Thanks for checking for me! I appreciate your help.

Just created a test booking and I see the email as delivered on our end. When you search your email are you seeing anything from You can get your booking data from within your account for any upcoming appointments here

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I did receive your test email and shortly after I received one from an actual candidate! Maybe something was just caught up in the system. Fingers crossed it continues to work, because I’ve used this link across all platforms for a while. You may have saved the day Thanks Ben!

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Hello Ben, I’ve not been receiving confirmation emails (or cancellation emails) since the 21st of June (for I did not change any settings, can you please check what is wrong here? Thanks, Judie

@StudyAdvisor welcome to the Forum. I cleared the bounced email, messages should be sending now, Judie!

Thanks a lot Ben!! I’ll wait and see if it works now.

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I’m also experiencing the same issue. No emails are arriving. I even tried to contact the support and it was said they’ll reach out to me by email but unfortunately I haven’t received their email.

@RanElgedawy I am sorry you hit an issue with your email. You can send me a direct message on the forum and I can looking into this. I do not see a ticket on support from you, very odd.

Could you check my account? I recently stopped receiving notifications to my email [removed by admin]. Thank You

@hohenemser sent you a message. This email should be now getting notifications. Please test again.