Doesn't get confirmation mail


Hopefully someone can help me with the following:

Since december I don’t get any confirmationmails when somebody planning an appointment via YCBM account. I don’t know how to fix this. I don’t get any of the e-mails. Also not when somebody reschedules the appointment.

My YCBM account:

Thanks in advance!

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@Harm it looks like your account email was unsubscribed from getting notifications from us. I have re-subscribed it. I also see that you have used a @hotmail address to get the booking confirmation. You may want to check the Spam folder there for confirmations.

Yes, I changed it temporarily to my Hotmail because I don’t want to miss out any booking confirmations… I will set it back to my business email.

Thanks for helping.

strange though. Seems like its a common problem for a long time. Why hasnt you fixed it?

Made a test booking but doesn’t get my confirmation mail yet…

I can see some emails being delivered. If you are sending the email to and from the same address, it may not go through. Can you test using a different email for your booker?

Tested it just now and still now e-mail…

I found a hard bounce in the system. Please test one more time, thank you.

It’s working now. thanks you for your help!

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