I cannot get Confirmation e-mails toTeam Member


I have a paid account for YCBM.
Up until 2 days ago, We received Confirmation emails not only a person booked but also all Team member after new booking made.
However, we can no longer getting these emails.
I checked spam folder too.

I can get “Confirmation email to you”.
But I cannot get "Confirmation email to Team Member"now.
Could you help us please?

My YCBM account: ss-o***g.youcanbook.me

Thank you.

Hi Miho - sorry you’re running into this issue. I’m going to send you a private email to get this resolved since it contains sensitive information.

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Hi Tiffany
Thank you for your reply.
I tried to search emal but I couldn’t find.
However, I can get email by adjusting that notification to send from notifications@youcanbook.me.

I appreciate your advice.