Notifications not being sent from shown address

Hi, new here.

I have been using YCBM for a while now and had nothing wrong until a weird issue has popped up.

I had set notifications to be sent from but they are just now not being sent not being sent from this address. Instead it is being sent from the set up address even though I have it as the notifications address.

Hi @Gary I am sorry for any confusion. We recently changed the from email address to come from the account email instead of This is to prevent any spoofing of our email address. You can change the email address to a different address if you prefer, one that is not your account email.

The booking emails can be found in my sent folder but I’m not receiving a notification email in my inbox.

My page is: [](

In our email system I am showing that the emails have been delivered. You may need to reach out to your IT team to see if things are being blocked or not routed on the server. Also double check your email address to ensure it is correct:

This appears to have reverted recently, so that the from header is now again. We double-checked and still do have names and emails configured in our notification workflow. Was this an intentional change on YCBM’s part?

Hi Todd - there are still a few scenarios when an email will send from - for example, if the to and from address are the same, to avoid spam filters, or if the sending email address is DMARC protected. I’m not able to look up your account to understand which is happening based on your Forum account, but you’re welcome to contact our support team for more information.