From Email not changing

I have tried to change the From Email under Notifications to several of our internal email addresses, and no matter what I change it to, it always sends from Is there something I am missing?

@ITOPS if you are changing to an email that has strict security settings the system will default to sending from notifications@. I see now you have Gmail setup. Are you still seeing emails arrive from for your bookers?

Hi Ben,

Can you move one booking page between the accounts?

We can help out with that in support. When logged into your account click the Get Help icon in the bottom right to reach out and we can see what we can do. Keep in mind when we do move page it will move it over as is.

Hi Ben,

thank you for the reply. The reason is for the relocation is:
I have one gmail account with two email addresses.
One booking page should send as email A another as email B.

Do you have any idea how can I do it? I don’t mind to pay twice.

You can only have one Gmail account integrated per YCBM account. If you need to send from multiple emails we could explore setting up a DKIM for your domain. Essentially this is a security key you add and then that allows our system to send emails on your behalf. I see an open ticket in support for you, I will respond there with more detail.