Booker not getting an email but I am

I just created a second booking page for another service and I did a test run for a booking. I noticed that no email was sent to the booker but only to me. No matter what I do including cancelling the booking which should trigger another email. I looked at all settings for notifications and all looked fine. Any suggestions on how to fix?

@lucasmusicacademy welcome to the Forum! I am sorry you are hitting an issue with the notifications. I tested things out and got the email as a booker, and the cancellation email. If you test again with a different email address, it may work for you now. Another thing to consider if appropriate is to use Gmail to send emails: Integrate your account with Gmail - Support


Thanks for looking into that! One of the members of your team did go in and find an error in the original form that they fixed and now everything is working right now. Thanks!

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