Not receiving notifications (Yes, I've checked spam..)

Up until Tuesday, I would receive an email when someone booked a new appointment. I am no longer getting an email, instead it is just showing up on my calendar.

Any help would be appreciated as it is very useful to receive the booking email.

PS - YES… I’ve checked Spam. Nothing there.

I’ve done everything I can so far.


Thanks for getting in touch. There was a hard bounce on your email address back in February that resulted in you being added to a suppression list and unsubscribed from our emails. We have removed you from the suppression list and resubscribed you.

Thanks Tiffany! You’re the best :slight_smile:

However, just tested… Still nothing coming through?

(You’re still the best, I just need this fixed! :smiley:)

Hi Chris sorry for the delay - please test that you receive the emails now!

Just tried again. Still not working!

Hi Chris - sorry for the delay again. There was an issue with our resubscribing an email process. I can now confirm I’ve successfully resubscribed your email!