Conditional booking form actions

Can we please have basic conditional logic in booking forms?

For instance, if the value of Field A = 1, then show/hide some fields, if Field A = 2, then show/hide other fields.

Several of the other form systems that I use allow for this. It’s lacking in YCBM.

Thank you.

@LeroySchulz conditional forms is not something we are planning, but I will record your feature request. In the interim it is possible to use a different form tool to setup something with more conditions, then route folks to the booking page with information pre-filled: Some info here

Also we can provide some extra code so you can pull in URL parameters through an embedded form if needed.

I’m not sure that pre-filled fields addresses this need.

In some cases I need to show additional fields in a booking form only when a specific value has been chosen in, say, a radio selection or checkbox.

This would be very, very useful.

@LeroySchulz I was referring to using a different form tool like (Typeform, JotForm etc) that allows for conditional redirects. You then can use that as your in take form then route people through to YCBM with pre-filled form fields to complete the booking.

Yes, I understand that but using pre-filled form fields really doesn’t address the need to show booking fields that only apply to specific answers on the booking form. Using a different form tool would be a kludgy way to display only applicable fields in real time.

Please reconsider implementing conditional fields in YCBM. For many purposes, this is a key function of a booking system like YCBM.

Thank you.