Conditional booking form actions

Can we please have basic conditional logic in booking forms?

For instance, if the value of Field A = 1, then show/hide some fields, if Field A = 2, then show/hide other fields.

Several of the other form systems that I use allow for this. It’s lacking in YCBM.

Thank you.

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@LeroySchulz conditional forms is not something we are planning, but I will record your feature request. In the interim it is possible to use a different form tool to setup something with more conditions, then route folks to the booking page with information pre-filled: Some info here

Also we can provide some extra code so you can pull in URL parameters through an embedded form if needed.

I’m not sure that pre-filled fields addresses this need.

In some cases I need to show additional fields in a booking form only when a specific value has been chosen in, say, a radio selection or checkbox.

This would be very, very useful.

@LeroySchulz I was referring to using a different form tool like (Typeform, JotForm etc) that allows for conditional redirects. You then can use that as your in take form then route people through to YCBM with pre-filled form fields to complete the booking.

Yes, I understand that but using pre-filled form fields really doesn’t address the need to show booking fields that only apply to specific answers on the booking form. Using a different form tool would be a kludgy way to display only applicable fields in real time.

Please reconsider implementing conditional fields in YCBM. For many purposes, this is a key function of a booking system like YCBM.

Thank you.

Is this something that is on the radar for YCBM?

@LeroySchulz We aren’t sure if we will be doing this. While it still might be something we do, it won’t be for the next 12 months at least. Again if we get more interest then the priority will increase.

That’s too bad.

Again, if it’s helpful, I can provide details of how other systems implement this type of feature and why it would be useful to us YCBM customers.

@LeroySchulz thanks for the offer. I will let the team know and they will reach out if they are keen.

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This feature is really something we also need. Some form of conditional form entry. Drop-down list as a standard and if not in list, one can enter manually etc.


Agreed. I really hope this is implemented sooner than later.