File question in booking form to upload, e.g., CV

It would be nice if you could add, as a possible question in the booking form, a “File Upload” question with the following options:

  • Label.
  • Shorthand code (which will produce a link to the uploaded asset).
  • Some optional easy regular expression mask (such as “.pdf;.docx;*.doc” for instance) to restrict file types.

There are many scenarios where I think is could be useful:

  • For job interviews, to upload a CV.
  • For research proposal, to upload a draft proposal.
  • For health practitioners, to upload an onboarding questionnaire.

@Jeremie sorry on the delay. Great suggestions, thank you for sharing them. We have talked about allowing an upload option. I will share this with the team. An interim workaround would be to use a different form tool (TypeForm, JotForm) and then collect an upload, from there pass the data into YCBM with URL parameters:

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@Ben Thanks for adding this to the feature request list.

And thanks also for pointing me towards the type of magic that is possible by combining the short codes and prefilled link (both for YCBM and the various form tools which also allow for this type of prefilling). That’s a neat and useful idea to ensure minimal friction between the process—and in fact you may be right that rather than reinvent a form tool within YCBM, it may be more satisfactory to find good ways to integrate YCBM, a best in class meeting book tool, with another best in class form tool for more sophisticated uses.