Tool tips or other method for additional info

Can you please implement tool tips or some other method to show users additional information on booking forms (e.g. a plus sign icon)?

I can add details using text but that adds clutter vs a way for users to click or hover to see additional details.

Thank you.

Great suggestion! I like the idea of a tool tip to allow for more information in an unobtrusive format.

Allowing us to use a question mark in a circle just like YCBM does in the admin panel would be perfect.

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Hi there,

Is there any update on this?


Hi Ben, can we get an update on this?

@LeroySchulz first off I am sorry I didn’t see your comment last spring. We have not gotten many requests for something like this. But if we do then we will consider getting it added, as of right now it is not on our radar or our roadmap.

I suspect this is something that many of us would use if it was available to us, even if users haven’t been asking for it.

Much like your team has found it useful to present information to your customers (us), we would find it useful to present information to our customers.

Please shake the tree with your team to put this on your radar. I’d be happy to jump on a Zoom call to plead my case of why this should be important.

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