Rescheduling Request

Hi Team,

For a booking page, for students to connect with instructors for a 1:1 sessions. We wanted to see if the instructors can send a customized message and ask the student to reschedule the meet( Since the instructor wouldn’t be having access to all the student’s availability. )
Is this possible? Any reference articles that can help with this?


@thanya.reddy if your instructors are using the {OWNER-RESCHEDULE} links, they will be brought into the YCBM app to either send the default email or modify the email to the student.

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Hi Ben,
As we’re considering rescheduling, is there a possibility to include a field where coaches can provide a reason or comment regarding the rescheduling?

Hi @thanya.reddy at the moment a reason description box can be added to a cancellation workflow and not a rescheduling flow. When bookers need to reschedule, they will be prompted with your next available times.

For now, I submitted a feature request to our product team to consider this as a future feature. Please stay tuned for updates!

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