How do I use this?


I am just getting started and have a ton of questions. I am not sure I understand what I signed up for. I am trying to provide a way to allow my clients to book service calls with me. Do I just add times within youcanbook or is this done on my calendar. I am sorry, technology is not my first language. Any help and guidance would be appreciated. Who can help?


You have come to the right place. The first thing to understand is that YCBM works with your calendar. It will pull in any free time from your calendar and allow folks to book those times. By default everything will be setup for the most part. You can customize a bit of things further. It can be a bit overwhelming just starting out so take things slow. The best place to start would be this article maybe: Best of luck as you get going!


Once you connect your calendar, you can specify the type of meetings you want. For instance the length of time, how far in advance you want folks to be able to book, the times that you are available. Really the customization is endless so it all depends on what your use case is. For instance for service calls maybe you only want to offer a few hours a day for folks to book. You can specify that under the availability tab. Then you can customize all of the emails that will be sent out.


You have a booking URL, you give it to the customer, they choose a time and fill out a form. This then gets added to your calendar and an email is sent to confirm. From there they are sent an email to remind them, all you need to do is show up. It is all downhill after getting things customized to your liking.


Thank you all for your help. I will have a think on how I want this all to go. If I have a questions how do I reach out to support or is this forum the only place?


You can click the get help button while you are logged in. It is in the top right corner. God speed!


Here is a good video to get things started. Setting up YCBM out of the box: