Creating a booking for everyday and all hours


I am new to YCBM and have signed up for free account first.
I would like to use YCBM to create a weekly calendar with all hours shown as available, that I can then embed into our site.

I do not want the date to be booked, so I really do not need to have the month or date showing, only day (Monday - Sunday) and all the hours (1 hour increments - available 24 hours).

Then I want clients to be able to click on a time and our team would be able to see what time that client clicked on.

Is this possible?
Thanks in advance for the rookie question

Hello Moses,

I’m Ingrid, and I work with the YCBM team.

You have posed a fantastic question. Unfortunately, it is essential to be able to tell the booker the available dates when setting up the booking page since it will offer them greater flexibility to select a timeslot on the day and time they are free.

Additionally, knowing the day and time of the meeting will offer them greater control.

The amazing thing is that by setting your “Set the hours you are available” to 00:00-00:00, you may provide 24-hour availability.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.