Multi-Day Bookings

We currently use for our sales appointments with customers and want to try to create a booking system where we can also use it for our installs as well, the only limitation I can see stopping me from doing this is that YCBM does not seem to be able to create Multi-day bookings, our installs range from 1-5 days in length. Is this actually a hard limitation of the platform or is there any way around it, for instance I notice that you can set the booking length in the settings to 24 Hours, is it possible to set this to 72 hours? would this result in a 3-day length calender event?

@hunter welcome to the Forum! Our system will only allow bookings within the same 24 hours and not multiple days as you have seen.

One option is to create a link to allow folks to book another session easier. Some information here: Can my client book more than one appointment at a time? - YouCanBookMe Support

Apart from that I can get a feature request submitted for the need to offer multiple day bookings.

That would be great, even if it worked by creating multiple single-day events instead of a 3-day long event on a Google calendar. YCBM is almost perfect for our application with the exception of this one glaring problem

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