Fixed times for different services on the same profile

A booking calendar needs two different kinds of appointment slots but has fixed times for each. These are regular each week.
It would be useful for us to be able to attach an appt type to a regular time slot or to its own custom availability tag.
It would be even better if they could have different booking forms and max number of slots.
Currently the only solution is to have two separate booking profiles.

Hi Sarah, great suggestion. I will get this submitted as a feature request for future consideration. One option in the interim would be to setup the two different Appointment Types as Team members. Then you can connect two different calendars in order to have two unique Custom Availability events for the two different calendars. Or you could create these on two different booking pages and setup a URL on a webpage to route folks accordingly. Both options explained further here.

Hi! I came here to suggest something like this too. I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same, so I’ll post here to see the best way to request this.

I don’t need it now, but I expect when we return to the office in June or Sept, I think I will.

Basically, I need to be able to have Bookable-Office and Bookable-Home, where the office appointments will allow students to choose if it should be a phone, zoom, or in-person appt in my office, but the Home appointments would only allow students to choose between zoom and in-person. It’s a single calendar, so the separate team option doesn’t work as well, but I’d really prefer it to not be a separate booking site so that students can see our availability easily.

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That’s exactly what I wanted too.

It would be perfect if we could have the custom availability tag linked to the appointment type rather than just the overall calendar.

We’ve ended up different booking profiles linking to the same calendar which takes more time to maintain.

On the header of each booking profile I’ve put the link to the other one so the students still only need one link. Not ideal, but the best workaround for us!


Yes! Having the custom availability tag linked to the appointment type would be perfect. That’s a good workaround if we need to use it, but I’m really hoping the team might be able to implement something like this before everyone is going back to work en masse, since I suspect this will be a thing for a lot more people than it is already!

Hi! I just wanted to check in and see if this feature request is something that might possibly happen soon? We’re making plans to return to the office in September and reevaluating our scheduling software. I’d love to stay with but it seems we may have easier options for managing this availability.