Create group booking

Is there a way to have several slots in the same time period? For example, to allow 5 people to separately sign up for the same slot for something like a group interview?

@jrc23 Yes you totally can! This is done with the maximum group size feature:

More information here: Set maximum group size per slot - YouCanBookMe Support

Hello Ben,
Is there a way to set up different amounts of time slots for different appointment types without being linked to a calendar? In other words, cans I have different group sizes per appointment type without my outlook or google calendar being linked?

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@Sasha sorry on the delay here. The only way to have different group sizes per Appointment Type now is to break out each Appointment Type into their own dedicated booking page. This will allow you to adjust the group size for each.

You are currently setup with our internal YCBM integration. This doesn’t require an external calendar to be linked. Keep in mind though that whenever any booking page gets booked, all of the pages will be using up one of the group slots. The best method is to use different calendars to keep the availability separate.

Hello Ben,
So if I’m understanding correctly, there is no way to have different group sizes per appointment type on the same calendar/link?

@Sasha yes you are correct. For this type of customization you would need to create different links or booking pages for each appointment type.

Hello Ben,
Is there a way to remove availability for a specific day? In other words, block off a day so appointments cannot be booked on that day.

@Sasha sorry on they delay. Yes you can block off a group booking day by placing a busy event on the calendar and YCBM-OVERRIDE-UNITS in the title. More information here.