Different group limits on appointment types

I have a need where team members can take two types of appointments, type 1 is a 1 on 1, so the group limit for that 1 hour time slot would need to be 1. Type 2 is a group activity with a limit of 5 in a 1 hour time slot. Is there a way to configure that? I’m stumped.

I was also looking forward to a similar feature but didn’t find it.
Currently, I am looking for other products which have a similar feature. I guess calendly or neetoCal has that feature.

Thank you for the suggestions! I hope we both accomplish what we are looking to do.

Yup, I hope my suggestion helps you as well. I didn’t find my exact requirements in calendly, moreover the pricing was also a bit high, now I am trying out neetoCal, atleast pricing wise it’s good, now just need to check if it satisfies my requirements.
Let me know if you find any other products that meet this requirements, so that I can compare them.



@CRichman and @oliversmith this is possible, but you would need to break out the Appointment Types into two different links. This will allow you to setup one link to offer the group sessions: Group Bookings - YouCanBookMe Support

Do you mean two separate booking pages, one for individuals and one for group bookings that are linked to the same calendar?

@CRichman yes, correct. Both pages can connect to the same calendar(s). The separate pages will allow you to build out individual settings. You can link them together with a hyperlink:

[For a group session click here](https://grouppagelink.youcanbook.me)

Thanks Ben! That was my thought as well, but I wanted to see if I missed something so I could potentially cut down the number of pages and links I’d have to maintain. Great to have that confirmed.

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Thanks, @Ben. That should work.

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