Double booking suddenly allowed but should not be

As of today our calendar booking page is not working. We have availability from 8am PT - 2pm PT. All bookings should be 1 hour with 30 minutes left open after, so the next call will be 30 minutes after the first ends. Today our calendar is allowing double bookings at the 8am time slot. Our page is showing Thursday and Friday of this week, February 2 & 3 available at 8am and 830a. Neither is available. Currently this only seems to be happening to the first time slot of the day, but we cannot have double bookings. I can’t seem to get it fixed. We have the allow multiple bookings turned completely off. But even if I go into our calendar and block that 8am time it’s still showing on the availability calendar. The 10th should also show blocked the entire day but it is showing availability on our public calendar. I haven’t received a response to my email to You Can Book Me yet. THis is an emergency as the 10th I am completely by myself and can’t have any demos that day as there is no coverage. We’re going to have to remove the calendar if we can’t get some help. You can see the calendar here: Select a time · Maptive Demo

@Maptive I am sorry you hit an issue with availability. Our team has a fix ready to be released to help with this, but in the mean time I moved you to our older version. Can you double check the availability now on your page? I will follow up in message to us, and I am sorry the delay with getting you a resolution and answer.

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We are also having that issue. Each time slot should only be one appointment but it is still showing availability even after someone chooses the appointment time. Parents are already mad at me because we’ve had to reschedule them all due to bad weather. :unamused:

@NeoshoPAT I moved your pages to the old system as well. Can you double check your availability?

@Ben thank you so much for fixing things so quickly for us. I responded to your email with all of the screenshots (probably more than you needed) that I have.

Looks like it is fixed! Thanks!!

Has this been fixed?

@stjordan Yup this has been fixed for everyone.