Multiple slots for specific team members

I really doubt that this exists in youcanbookme, as I’ve been trying to find it.

Here’s my dilemma: I have a client who is using and they have a couple of team members. Every other day for around an hour or so, they have a class which can have up to 22 people in it. Other times during the day they are doing private lessons. It seems that it is impossible to have this feature.

This could be solved if on the teams page there was a box where you can customize how many people they can book at once. We could create a group team member and make it not conflict with any of the other slots. That’s my idea of how this could be solved

What you would need is to setup separate booking profiles one for group sessions and one for private sessions, more info here.The group sessions profile will us Units per slot set to 23 (one busy event is to block it off for the other profile). For this profile as well they can use On Duty to specify on the calendar when these sessions will be. Essentially creating busy events (to block the off for the other profile) all with the same title. Then add this title to the On Duty phrase on the profile.