Limit Number of Team Members Allowed to be Booked for Any Given Time-Slot?


My last post did not really get at the issue my organization faces.

We have monthly meetings with parents and students to discuss a student’s progress in school. Every 30 days or so, we designate two days to book with a staff member to schedule a meeting with a student and their parents/guardians. Due to limited space, we cannot have more than a few team members be booked to any one time-slot. Is there a way to limit the number of team members that can booked for any given time-slot? For example, although there are 6 team members available during any given time-slot, can we only allow up to 4 team members be booked for a time-slot. Is this possible? And, can it be done automatically to all time-slots?

Again, thank you for your time.

There isn’t a way to limit bookings per time period. The options are to either use On Duty and remove the On Duty event after a certain number of bookings, or use our Tentative Bookings feature and reschedule folks if they book when there isn’t any remaining slots for that day.

We are aware that limiting bookings is a popular feature and we hope to offer something like this in the future.