Booking page limit

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Is there a way to set a limit on how many meetings can be scheduled on each booking page and have the booking page automatically go offline after the required number of participants have signed up?
This way when I reach out to 50 people and am only hoping to have 6 sign-ups I can do that without needing to manually keep an eye on everything.
I am aware of the per-day limits I can set for booking pages and that does not meet my needs.

Additionally, can we have the ability to reschedule participants on the same scheduling link even if the booking page is offline.

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hi @Mim welcome to the Forum! Yes, limiting bookings is a feature we are currently scoping out. This will essentially allow you to cap the number of bookings over a time range.

I will let the product team know about your other request. I could see how allowing someone to reschedule if a page is offline would be important as that is an active booking. Thank you for the suggestion.

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@Ben I’m curious to learn more about the ability to cap the number of bookings over a time range. But what I’m looking for is the ability to cap the total number of bookings per booking page.


Hi there, happy 2022! Checking in on this topic and if booking page limits are something we can expect soon?

Let me check with the team on this.