Limit the number of meetings for group bookings

I organise fitness classes for small groups. The trainings can be run by me or by one of my colleagues. Attendees are free to book our agenda when available.

The class is organised if there are one or multiple attendants. It is however much more efficient if all the spots of the 7pm class are taken before a person books an 8pm class.

I think I would be OK to restrict to one class a day. However, it is not possible to have all the other settings applied AND also apply this condition. I dont understand this constraint in the software.

I would be very happy if there would be the option of not opening a new class on the same day if the others are not full. I however believe there might be edge cases… so probably requires more thinking.

Something else to consider, highlight the sessions with attendees in the booking page. This could be a visual clue for the attendees to favor those.

Thanks for considering,

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@vincent you can show the remaining slots available on the booking page:

If you wanted to restrict to 1 class/day you could explore using the Calendar Managed Availability ( More information here.) feature. This will allow you to setup events on your calendar with a specific title and marked as free. When these events are present this is the only time the booking page is available.

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