Limit individual bookings?

Some years ago, YCBM had a “voucher” system which we found useful, as you could very specifically limit how many bookings a person could have, by giving them a number of unique codes.

This option was discontinued and for unrelated reasons we had to switch to another booking system for a time. We would like to return to YCBM as we find that it really is sort of the most user-friendly calendar (on both ends).

Is there any chance of having this back, or something similar, or a workaround we might be able to use?
We would love to have some way of preventing one or two people from booking all our slots (and keeping others from using them), aside from manually checking the bookings.

@SVP Welcome to the forum! This is something we are working on. Essentially a way to limit bookings for each person. Meaning someone can only book once. We are in the early stages of scoping this out and I don’t have a definite time frame, but is on our radar.

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