Is this possible?

Hi,I have the following use case for a client:

1.The business has 5 agents and 1 coordinator
2. They want the client to schedule a meeting in one main calendar, after they set the meeting the coordinator will assign the meeting to the agent that she decides. The agent would get the invitation for the meeting.

  1. Each agent has a google calendar, the main calendar should show only slots that all are the agents are currently available. For an example: if all the agents are available between 10:00-11:00AM than this will show as an available slot in the main calendar.
    If one agent is busy ,than this slot won’t be available.

Can that be done?
Can you show images of the agents in the scheduling screen?
Thanks a lot

Hi @Lili sorry on the delay with getting back to you.

Yes this is possible. There is a way to show only available times when all agents are available. You can connect all of their calendars together. More information here.

The coordinator then could invite a team member to the booking that gets created in the main calendar. The only challenge here is with reschedules, the process would need to be done again (i.e. the coordinator connecting to a team member).

The default setup is to connect the teams calendars together and the system will automatically assign a booking based off of who is available.

If you use the teams feature you can add an image for each team member and then use {TEAM-IMAGE} to pull that into the booking process. Information on teams here.