Showing the available team members on a specific time slot


Looking at this image from Award winning scheduling tool for teams - I thought there was an option for the person who had picked the time slot to decide which team member they want to make an appointment with.

My case is, we are a team of three coaches. It would be great if a coachee, the booker, can access a single page to view a calendar with the pooled availability of the three coaches altogether and when they click a time slot, they are provided with which coach is available on that time slot and if there are multiple, they can choose one. Just like the image implies. Is this possible? (Additionally, if their is color coding of time slot for each coach, it would be wonderful.)

Currently, the coachee has to pre-determine the coach first, and then go to see his/her availability on the calendar. If the coachee wants to see the another coach’s schedule, they have to go back and choose him to see his schedule. This is very inconvenient, if not impossible.

@cjunekim welcome to the Forum! This image is an abstracted booker workflow. It is implying that folks could choose the team member then see their availability.

That is how you can set things up now. Essentially giving your booker the option to choose who they want to meet with, or have the system automatically assign.

In the future we will have more flexibility for you to setup the workflow a different way and potentially have the option to show available team members based off of the time the booker chooses. This is a work in progress which the first phase is updating the core technology of the booking system.

Tentatively the flow you envision would be possible in 8 - 12 months (pending any major issues or roadblocks).