Random scheduling if 2 members in the team?

Hi there,
I have 2 members in my team with whom the clients can book an appointment.
Since the beginning, 99% of the appointments have been for one of the team members.

How does the app choose for whom the appointment is? I thought this was done randomly, but in my case, not at all.
If the 2 team members are available at one time, the appointment will always go to the same one.

Is there something I can set up to change that?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Best regards,

Hey Agathe! Welcome to the Forum! Team availability is setup in a round robin like fashion. If all things are equal then the bookings should be evenly distributed over time. We will soon have an option in app to allow the team priority, but the default should allow for the teams to have an even number of bookings. It is not an exact science since we base this off of availability and the bookers choice first and foremost.

I spot checked your page picked a few random times next week and I am getting each team member evenly selected. One option as well is to have your team member who is always booked to add a few busy events to adjust the availability.