How to add multiple agents

I need to have multiple agents at the same time so that customers have various free slots at the same time.

For example three agents available for three apointments at 8 am.

Anybody know how to do this?

Best regards.

You can do this with our new Team Management feature. More information here: Setting up a team account

Once you have more calendars connected you can use the teams feature to connect them all. This will allow you to book as many people that can fit within your team’s availability.

I have the same question. Thanks for your answer and a follow up question: a customer picks a time slot when 3 agents are available. One agent books with this customer. with which calendar? the agent’s? can we create criteria for which agent gets the booking? There’s then 2 agents still available on that time slot. Another customer books on the same time slot (I’m assuming it was still clear on the calendar). The second agent books with this customer. Whose calendar shows this booking? the second agent’s? the team’s?

@somnics welcome to the Forum! You can setup either a weighting so how the team members are listed determines the priority, or have the system create the booking on a random team member. Once one team member is booked, the other two bookings would be on either of the next two team members. Both options explained here.