Need to book meetings with multiple 2 party groups?


I have a somewhat complicated meeting scheduling task that repeats often. I’m not sure if the Parent Teacher Conference feature would support something like this.

I have 15 1-hour slots free each week. And 3 “teams” to schedule meetings with each week.

I need to schedule meetings between Party A and Party B as a team, Party C and Party D as a team, and Party E and Party F as a team where none of the teams overlap bookings.

I want to send invites to Parties A, B, C, D, E, and F and when A + B for example, selects the same slot, have it booked and disappear from the available time slots C,D, E, F can select. Then the process continues with C and D selecting times. Etc.

Anything like this possible?

Hi @TeaFlower, I am not sure I follow your use case. It is possible to pair up folks to show mutual availability: More info here. The challenge though is to block off availability when other parties are booked. This would have to be done by connecting to a third calendar potentially that keeps a record of all bookings.

You would have a booking link connecting A+B+Event Calendar, another link for C+D+Event Calendar, and a third link for E+F+Event Calendar. Then when a booking is made the Event Calendar that you have connected will be invited to block off availability for everyone.

Again I may be off base for what you are looking for.