Constant 'no availability' with no obvious reason

Hi, can anyone help with why an account might be constantly displaying ‘No Availability’? I have checked all the steps on the ycbm troubleshooting guide, and as far as I can see there is nothing blocking the linked Google calendar. The account and integration have worked 100% fine for 5 years without this happening before and I have not changed any settings recently (worked OK 2 days ago and no change since). Baffled, so all suggestions would be gratefully received.

@IanJ welcome to the Forum! any busy event will block things on your calendar, so if you are looking for an hour long booking and there is not an hour of time available on the connected calendar you will see the No Availability message.

These could be declined events:

or all day events marked as busy.

Thank you very much for the reply. I have these settings displayed in Google and there are no conflicts, so this isn’t the problem. It is not that the odd slot isn’t syncing properly, it is that absolutely no availability is showing through on YCBM

@Ben I have done some more digging on this. It is almost certainly a problem at the YCBM end. In the preview within the YCBM settings page ([Removed by admin]) it can see the appointments available absolutely correctly in sync with the linked Google Calendar. It is only when I click through to the live view that it says ‘No availability’. Briefly in the browser tap it says ‘Misconfigured booking page’ before trying to load but coming up with No availability. Nothing is obviously misconfigured though. Please help if you can!

@IanJ I am seeing some time come through for next week:

You may need to clear cache. The error you saw was due to being on the new booker app. I have moved you back to our legacy option for now.

Thank you for your help - what you have done has now resolved the issue and the page seems to be back to working as it should do.

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