Whole calendar is not available

My calendar is not available at the live booking page, although it is in the preview view, what is happening? https://guiltywhiterabbit.youcanbook.me/

I don’t know if this is it, but there is an information “2 horas” next to the image that is showing at this moment and it hasn’t never showed before…

Hello @guiltywhiterabbit,

I have briefly checked the settings on your booking page, and now it is displaying availability seems that you make some adjustments may be on the grid display increments to 1hr. Double check if everything is working if not feel free to contact support@youcanbook.me

Thanks for reply. It is weird because at the preview view everything works. I even made a reservation using the preview view, but on my actual booking page, it doesn’t work!
Maybe you are right, I should contact support@youcanbook.me


I have corrected the backend settings and moved the booking page to the older system, so now it is working fine now.

Hi, I have the same problem that guiltywhiterabbit, my calendar seems fine in the preview page, but is not available at the live booking page. Could you please help me? I think I didn’t change anything and it was working fine a couple days ago. Many thanks in advance. Regards,

Hi Christina,

Thank you for letting us know this, I checked your settings too and indeed it was the same issue, changes apply and the booking page is working now.

If more folks are hitting this issue, try updating the browser.

Hello Jesser! Other calendar has the same problem!!! (https://whiterabbit.youcanbook.me/)

@guiltywhiterabbit we reverted the page. Please delete your cache and try again.

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Hi, @Jesser. I have the same problem. My calendar is https://vcreyes.youcanbook.me/

Here’s a clip of what I’m seeing: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

For reference: I’m using the latest version of firefox

I resorted to deleting my existing booking page and making a new one with the same settings. It works now.

Hello @Jesser it is not working again! Same error in our three calendars!

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@guiltywhiterabbit I am seeing time available on all three pages for this week. If you had your end time past 12AM this could have caused the problem. Are you still seeing no availability?

That was the problem, so I changed it. My end time was 01:00AM and I have changed to 23:45, but this is a problem for me. Be case I have a slot starting at 23:00 that should end at 01:00AM.

Is there a way to make this slot available without triggering the problem of availability??

A quarta, 28/12/2022, 16:14, Ben via The YouCanBook.me Community Forum <notifications@ycbm.discoursemail.com> escreveu:

@guiltywhiterabbit not at this time. The system can only handle bookings within the same day and cannot go to the next day.

Got it. Tks

A quarta, 28/12/2022, 16:33, Ben via The YouCanBook.me Community Forum <notifications@ycbm.discoursemail.com> escreveu: