Grid is invisible

I have moved to the new display grid using a free account. Now when my calendar page loads, the availability grid briefly displays (correctly) and then it disappears (all but the column headings). In the page source, I can see the code for the grid slots - they are just not showing up on the page. I cannot seem to find any settings that will address this issue. Any ideas?

@WeeBeasties Clifton, it looks like your booking page has an older setting which is causing some trouble. I will workup a new version and place it in your account for you to check out. I also will get you setup with a 2 week trial. Once it is done I will let you know.

That is setup for you in your account, Clifton. Simply run through and connect your calendar. Let me know if you run into any issues.

Hi there! I’m having the same issue and also have a fairly old (free) account. I’ve changed all of the settings that I can see (I used to have “on duty”), but with no luck in getting the booking grid to appear for more than half a second. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer!

Ben from got this set for me. I did not have access to some of the old settings that were interfering with the grid. He actually set up a new account for me that now works. A slight pain having to point to a different url, but it is operational (that is all I really needed before the next semester begins).

Thanks for that info! I’m hoping they can provide a similar workaround for me as well. Did Ben respond to this message thread or did you reach out in another way as well? Thank you again :slight_smile:

Sorry on the delay. I will work on this and get an updated profile in your account shortly.

That is added to your account now. I also set you up with a 14 day trial to test things out.

Thanks Ben! It seems to be working now. I appreciate your help!

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