Booking system keeps saying the calendar is unavailable

I’m a teacher and I have a free account and the system worked well for many months with low numbers of bookings, but since lockdown I have been using it a lot more, but in the last few weeks it keeps turning itself off and saying the calendar is unavailable. If I login to the dashboard then it starts working again. This has got to the stage now that I have to login to the dashboard every few hours now and my students have started to complain. I am starting to look around for something else.

TBH $10 a month is too much for my fairly simple needs so I don’t think I would pay for it, but I would be happy for you put adverts on the bookings page.

Thanks for your time and support.

@Goldsmif Andy that is very frustrating. I checked on your account and it appears we are trying to connect to the same calendar twice. This is causing the page to not work as the free account only allows the connection of one calendar. I setup a free trial to prevent the page from malfunctioning while we investigate further. Once I know more I will circle back.

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@Goldsmif I really encourage you to stick with YCBM. I am an educator too (in university) and I have found that YCBM really of all its competitors is the one that allows you to most clearly customize, and “nudge” your users towards what you want them to provide as information.

I am an introvert. I love talking with people about actual topics, but I hate small talk, awkwardness. I initially used YCBM very sparingly like you do, but eventually it became my “virtual secretary” and it is responsible for setting up meetings, so I don’t have to worry about the logistics.

On rare occasions I’ve had an issue the YCBM support team has kept to it until the issue was solved!

Good luck with this!

After digging into this further it looks like your one calendar was syncing from two different calendar accounts. I removed the unused calendar account and this has fixed the issue. Your link should not malfunction any longer.

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