Permissions to access a calendar missing

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I have read that the “Oh no! We don’t seem to have our usual permissions to access this person’s calendar…” message typically shows when an account hasn’t paid for the calendars it is connected to.

In my case, the calendars have been paid for (we’re not using all of them). This is what our account owner sees:

I am set up as an administrator.

I’ve disconnected and re-authorized my calendar and yet it’s still not connecting calendars.

Could I get some help with my del** booking page please? Thank you!

@carissa the message about permissions is more than likely due to the fact we can only “read” the target calendar and cannot “write” to it. The settings need to be adjusted within the calendar account itself. For this particular account that is odd since it is a sub account. Digging into the logs now.

Something is blocking us from connecting to your calendar account. If a re-authorization and disconnecting the integration didn’t work then there could be some security setting at play. Some domains will block access to un approved third party tools. That could be the case here.

Thanks, Ben! I’ve reached out to my IT Ops team to see if they can check on that security setting and lift it if it exists.

Hey @Ben! I’ve talked with my IT Ops team and they aren’t aware of a setting within Google Workspace that would be preventing YCBM from seeing my calendars. They’ve offered to get on Zoom together to take a look at what settings we’d need to change. Any chance we can set that up? Thanks!

@carissa thanks for the update. I checked on the page again and I cleared your cache from the Google calendar and now things are showing up. Can you test things out and let me know if the booking goes through as expected?

Yes, it’s working now! Thanks for the troubleshooting. Someone on our internal team was able to work it out.

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