Missing Calendar

I have an alert that says I’m missing calendar. When I go to select a calendar, it’s not there (in the list). When I click on the Connect another Calendar Account, it shows my email address as already being a connected calendar account, but shows (0 Calendars). I’ve tried reconnecting and get the message “We can’t find the calendar you are linking to, please select a different calendar”. I’ve tried re-intergrating as well, to no avail.

Additionally, I can’t send an email to support either. When I click on the ? icon up top, and select contact support, the instant answers window pops up. I’ve had to turn off my calendar because it just shows my availability as wide open.

@kstewart Welcome to the forum. The issue could be with security settings. If you have tried to re-integrate and it still isn’t connecting you may need to reach out to someone to ensure it can connect to third party apps.

Anyone on an active subscription as the option to email support.

Reach out to someone in my organization? Reach out to someone at ycbm? I’ve had this account for 3 years and it’s been working fine, now all of a sudden it’s not.

I have a free account. Free accounts can’t email support?

I see that your Google account is showing up without any problems, but your Microsoft account under your domain might be having issues. It could be a security thing that didn’t get updated properly, normally re-integrating fixes things. But if you have tried that then there could be something on the domain side blocking us from “seeing” your calendars.

Do to our limited capacity we don’t have the bandwidth to offer support to our free accounts. This forum was setup as community support option for free accounts.

OK, just don’t understand why it stopped working. We have 50 other employees with the same work microsoft account that are also having no problems. Just mine.

We recently made a change to our Microsoft integration to use the new Graph API. All of the other accounts under your domain that I checked are not yet updated. They are using the old connection. Your IT may have some additional information on this as again the security connection may be different.