Linking to 0 calendars from this account

I am starting up my YCBM calendar for the new school year. I needed to reauthorize my calendar account in Microsoft Outlook. I did that and I received a message that my calendar has been linked successfully. However I still get a message that my booking page is not working correctly and I need to edit my calendar. When I click on the link I get the message
We can’t find the calendar you have already linked:
Please select which calendars to link from the list and press next.
I click edit and choose my calendar to link and allow YCBM to edit my calendar and I get a message that my changes have been finished and saved. However, it still shows I am “Linking to 0 calendars from this account”. Any idea on how I can get my calendar to link to my booking page again?

Hi James, Tiffany here from the team. You just need to select the correct calendar under the Calendar & teams section - I’ve done that for you now, so your booking page is ready to take bookings now.

Thank you. I do not know why it would not work for me.